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img_dentistry_for_childrenOur easy-going chairside manner helps put children at ease and create healthy dental habits that last a lifetime.

Good oral health practices should start at an early age to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. It is not too early to take a child to the dentist when their first baby teeth erupt; in fact, it is recommended that a child should see the dentist by their first birthday and no later than their second. Even baby teeth can develop problems, and an early visit can help the child to become accustomed to dental office visits. It can also be a great educational tool for parents.

A first dental appointment for a young child is usually quick, with a focus on the dentist getting to know the child and developing trust. For the parent or caregiver, this is an excellent time to talk to the dentist and ask questions about how you can help your child develop good oral hygiene habits. Parents often have questions about developing teeth, thumbsucking or pacifiers, how diet affects their child’s teeth and much more. In the very early stages of your child’s life, you will be helping him or her to brush, and you can be instructed on how to properly do that at this appointment.

“Our kids had never been to a dentist and I was scared about how it would go. The staff was so friendly and Dr. Alaswad was just great with our two toddlers. It was the best experience we’ve had at the dentist!”

– Brock, Roseville, CA

When Brock brought his son and daughter in for a visit, he wasn’t quite sure what to expect. “The sooner you take them to the dentist, the better. I wish our kids would have already been adjusted. It would’ve helped with my anxiety!” he shares.

However, he had little to worry about when Dr. Alaswad saw his two children. “The exam was thorough yet quick. He made the kids comfortable. The staff was really accommodating.”

Brock is looking forward to continuing to build a relationship with Dr. Alaswad and the Orangevale staff when it comes to his two children. “I’ve made an appointment myself!” he says.

The teeth of infants can be cleaned by rubbing toothpaste in the mouth with the finger. As your child gets older, you can establish a daily brushing routine and encourage your child to think of brushing their teeth as fun. You can allow your child to choose his or own toothbrush and toothpaste, with your final approval. Fluoride toothpaste is recommended to keep teeth strong. Brushing your teeth at the same time as your child does can help to make them see that brushing is something that everyone does.

You may wish to ask the dentist about dental sealants for your child’s teeth. Sealants are usually placed on back teeth, and they offer protection for the pits and grooves those teeth have that can trap food particles. Getting sealants is very easy for the child; the sealant is a liquid that is simply painted onto the teeth and then allowed to harden.

You can call anytime to set up an appointment for you and your child to come in and see us, and begin learning about the benefits of a lifetime of good dental health.

I have had my children under Dr. Alaswad’s care for years. I have been very satisfied with his care & concern with each of their individual needs. The doctor is kindhearted, the staff is amazing & we always feel welcome & completely taken care of every time we visit.”

– Erika W.