Cosmetic Dentistry

Gain back your confidence with a newly radiant smile. Obtain a beautiful smile and healthy teeth at the same time with cosmetic dentistry.

img_cosmetic_dentistryIn a world obsessed with appearances and health, anything that can improve both is a worthwhile investment. That is why cosmetic dentistry is so popular. The majority of dental procedures that have cosmetic benefits also have oral health benefits. Unattractive teeth are usually unhealthy, so any procedure that improves your teeth in function and health nearly always has cosmetic benefits as well. Even if your motive for getting a procedure done is cosmetic, you will usually get healthier teeth along with a nice smile.

You may have crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth that embarrass you, but you can chew your food well without pain, so you think your oral health is generally good. The problem with crooked teeth is that they can interfere with your chewing and your jaws and make it difficult to clean between your teeth properly. Crooked teeth can lead to gum disease and even painful TMJ disorder symptoms. Straightening your teeth with orthodontics or filling gaps with bonding will make your teeth work better and improve your oral hygiene.

Broken teeth cannot work properly and are at risk of further breaking. Teeth that have cavities or black spots are decayed and will eventually die if they are not restored. A cosmetic restoration with crowns or bonding will not only give you a nice smile; it will return decayed or broken teeth back to a state of strength and good health.

“My teeth needed a lot of work. I was almost too embarrassed to make the appointment. I found the personalized approach I was looking for with Dr. Alaswad. He was compassionate and took the time to understand what I wanted. Thanks to him, I couldn’t imagine having a better smile!”

– Brandon, Orangevale, CA

Brandon’s oral health problems started with the crooked teeth he’d had throughout his childhood. Then, staining, tooth decay, and gum disease took over. “It was too hard to really clean the teeth. They needed to be fixed.”

Dr. Alaswad worked with Brandon to come up with a treatment plan. First, heal the tooth decay and gum disease. Then, straighten the teeth with Invisalign. Finally, a professional whitening would help all the teeth look uniform and bright.

“It was clear that he was invested in my smile and wanted to do this right by getting my smile healthy first,” Brandon says. Now, he has an amazing smile for all the hard work.
“They look like the teeth I was meant to have. I’m not self-conscious about my smile anymore. I perform better at work without being held back by my smile. Dr. Alaswad is the best!”

Missing teeth are detrimental to your smile, and they cause a breakdown of the structure of your teeth that causes other teeth to shift out of place. Missing teeth can be replaced with removable dentures, fixed bridges or implants.

Porcelain veneers or Lumineers and teeth whitening are two cosmetic procedures that we might say do not have physical health benefits, but they certainly have emotional health benefits. There is nothing more important than your smile for making a first impression on people you meet. Veneers can shape your front teeth and cover lines or change the color of your teeth. Whitening can brighten stained teeth and make them much whiter. For most people, both their social and business lives are greatly improved after having these types of cosmetic dental services.

Remember that cosmetic dentistry is not just cosmetic; beautiful smiles and healthy teeth go hand in hand. If you are interested in learning more about cosmetic dentistry and what it can do for your health and your confidence, give us a call to schedule an appointment today.