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Dr. Alaswad is a family and cosmetic dentist in Orangevale, CA, and received his doctorate from the University of Aleppo Dental School.

Restore Your Smile This Holiday Season With Custom Dentures

When you’re missing all of your natural teeth due to an accident, decay, or gum disease, life looks a little different. No longer do you smile with confidence or pride. Chewing food becomes impossible and you may no longer be able to enjoy the foods you used to. What’s worse, losing teeth can make you [...]

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Why December Is the Perfect Month to Visit Your Dentist

Have you been putting off that last bi-yearly dental check-up? This time of year is hectic for many people, so it’s understandable that you may have overlooked that last dentist appointment before the New Year. However, December is actually the perfect month to visit your dentist. Scheduling an appointment before the New Year can help [...]

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What Are Translucent Teeth, and What Can You Do?

Our teeth are white. Over time, of course, they can become stained by things such as the foods and drinks we enjoy. Your teeth shouldn’t look transparent, though—if your teeth have a translucent quality to them, you’re likely seeing a bigger problem. Translucent teeth can happen slowly over time for a variety of reasons. Here, [...]

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Our Dentists Answer Your Important Oral Health Questions

Asking questions is an excellent way to find out more information about some of your most pressing dental health concerns. However, some people are too shy to ask questions or may not even visit their dentist often enough to ask them! Here, our professionals answer some of your most important questions that could affect your [...]

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Experience the Benefits of All-Ceramic Crowns

If it’s time for you to get a dental crown to protect your tooth, you have options. Dental crowns are durable, functional caps for your teeth that can be made of many different materials. These include stainless steel, porcelain fused to metal, resin, or ceramic. Dental crowns are designed to protect your tooth and improve [...]

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Don’t Ignore Your Bleeding Gums

Some people think that bleeding during brushing and flossing is no big deal. The opposite is true! Depending on your oral health habits, bleeding should be a concern and seeking advice from your dentist about the problem is a good idea. If you haven’t flossed in a long time and are just starting a routine, [...]

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Your Lack of Sleep May Be Impacting Your Dental Health

We all know that sleep is crucial for our bodies. It can lower our risk for chronic disease, boost our brain power, and balance hormones. But did you know it’s also an important aspect of your dental health as well? Sleep truly does impact the entire body. Getting enough sleep has proven to be a [...]

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Halitosis: Chronic Bad Breath and What You Can Do

It’s normal for people to experience bad breath, especially in the morning or if you’ve forgone brushing and flossing. However, if you have bad breath that persists even after cleaning your mouth, you could be experiencing chronic halitosis. Halitosis is the technical name for bad breath. Chronic bad breath could be caused by several conditions. [...]

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Which Oral Health Concerns Should You Watch for as You Age?

Getting older increases our risk for several health problems, including those with our oral health. Even if you’ve been taking great care of your smile for years, you could still experience an increased risk of tooth and gum problems as you age. Visiting your dentist can keep your smile healthy and ready to shine on [...]

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Causes of Tooth Discoloration in Toddlers

By the time your child is a toddler, he or she should have the majority of their primary teeth in. This is a great time to begin teaching your child how to care for his or her teeth while you still help and supervise their oral health habits. But what happens when you notice some [...]

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