Custom Dentures Care Service

man-3803551_640 (1)Restore your wide, bright smile quickly with full and partial dentures that fit your budget.

Today there are many options to replace missing teeth, but dentures still remain the most economical choice and for many people, the best choice. Dentures are designed to fit each patient’s mouth precisely so that little adhesive is necessary to keep them comfortable and in place. Dentures are durable and with proper can last for many years. Most denture wearers become comfortable with their dentures quickly and find them to feel as natural as real teeth. Dentures can allow you to eat foods you may not have been able to eat for a long time if you have loose or missing teeth, and they can give you a beautiful smile. Comparing dentures to living without teeth, dentures win hands down.

Some people who lose their teeth think they can function without them. If you lose a few teeth, or even just one, the process of shifting begins to affect all of your other teeth. This is because the support structure of your teeth needs support from all the teeth together, so when teeth begin to be lost, the support system is undermined. Shifting teeth can cause cosmetic and chewing problems, and they can be difficult to clean, which can lead to gum disease. This is how one lost tooth often leads to more lost teeth.

“I have had some missing and loose teeth for a few years now. Since then, I have been self conscious about my smile and sad about missing out on some of my favorite foods because of my teeth. I always thought dentures weren’t an option because I still had some of my teeth and feared they would be really uncomfortable.”

– Davis

In his last checkup, Dr. Alaswad explained to Davis how dentures can be either full or partial and are a great solution to replacing missing teeth if some natural teeth are still remaining.

“Dr. Alaswad and I talked about the option of getting partial dentures, how they are designed to be more comfortable and how they could give me back the option to eat foods I haven’t been able to in a while. I’m so happy I gave dentures a try. I feel more confident and actually like my smile.”

Dentures are a great solution for missing teeth that can work for almost anyone. “Dr. Alaswad made sure I had the right fit and knew how to care for my dentures well. Thanks you Dr. Alaswad!”

Missing teeth not only change your diet, but they also change your speech and even your breathing. Dentures can restore you ability to chew and speak properly; they fill out your lower face to give you a more youthful appearance; and they give you a beautiful smile. Studies show that a person’s smile is the first thing other people notice when they meet, and having a nice smile can make a big difference in personal and business relationships.

Dentures can replace all the teeth if you have none, or partial dentures can be designed to replace missing teeth if you have some natural teeth remaining. Dentures are not difficult to clean or care for. They should be removed daily and cleaned with a denture brush. Soaking in a denture cleanser solution can help to remove bacteria and freshen the dentures.

Dentures care are a good solution to missing teeth that will work for nearly anyone. If you would like to learn more about dentures and how they could restore your teeth and smile, call for an appointment.