Dental Implant FAQs

As long as the bone structure in the mouth is good and the gums are strong, then you are probably a good candidate for implants. Some people who have teeth that are severely decayed might have too much damage to the gums in order to have implants placed.

The placement of the implant will only take a few minutes, but there needs to be time for the preparation of the gums. It could take as long as six months for the mouth to be fully acceptable to the implants from start to finish.

In most instances, you won’t be put to sleep for the procedure. Local anesthesia is used, and some dentists use sedation methods if you have a fear of being in the office.

There usually isn’t a lot of pain associated with implants because of the local anesthetic that is used, but there could be some discomfort after you get home or after the implants are placed until the gums heal. An over the counter pain medication can be taken, or the dentist can prescribe a pain medication if it’s severe.

You do have the option of having teeth in the mouth before the implants are placed, but many patients won’t have teeth until they go back to have the implants placed in the gums.

The overall cost of the procedure will vary based on how extensive the work is that is done. Some insurance companies will cover part or most of the cost if it’s deemed medically necessary.

Before you make the decision to have implants placed in the mouth, you should talk to the dentist. There might be other options that are better for you than implants that aren’t as invasive.

As with any medical procedure, there is the possibility of health risks. An infection could develop or there could be excessive bleeding. As long as you are up front about your medical history and follow the instructions for care given by the dentist, then you shouldn’t see any major problems.

The implants are made of titanium, and they are in the shape of a screw that fits in the gum.

After the implants are placed, they will act like your teeth. They are strong and will usually last for several years, most sets lasting until after you die.