All On Four Implants

adult-1868750_640Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth, but traditional implants do not work for everyone. Regular dental implants need a good amount of healthy bone in the jaws in order to work, but when you lose teeth, your jaw bone begins to wear away. Most people who have been without teeth or wearing dentures for quite some time cannot get traditional implants because they don’t have enough jaw bone left, but there is a type of implants that very often works in this situation. It’s called All on Four.

The All on Four method uses special implants that work the same way as regular implants but are smaller and inserted differently so that less jaw bone is required. With All on Four, four implants are all that is needed for each arch of teeth, top and bottom. All on Four replaces all the teeth of people who are edentulous (toothless), and they are permanent implants with permanent crowns or artificial teeth attached.

In addition to opening up the possibility of dental implants to more patients, All on Four also offers a more economical option for dental implants, while still providing the same benefits of traditional full mouth implants.

The process of All on Four placement is similar to other types of dental implant procedures. A thorough exam and consultation with Dr. Alaswad is the first step. The consultation will involve a discussion of your health history. While over 95 percent of dental implant procedures are successful, some people may experience implant rejection, especially if they smoke or have certain health conditions like diabetes. Since All on Four implants require less jaw bone for success, the odds are better for most people that All on Four can be recommended.

“I have suffered from missing teeth for years now, but also don’t have much jaw bone left to support normal dentures or implants. I thought I was never going to be able to feel like myself again until I met Dr. Alaswad. He told me about implants that could work with my jaw called All on Four.”

– Mary

All on Four method uses special implants that work much like regular denture implants, but are smaller in size and inserted in a way that requires less jaw bone. All on Four is designed for people needing a full set of implants and it only requires four implants to create a complete set of teeth, top and bottom.

“Now that I have All on Four implants, I feel like myself again. I can eat what I want, smile big for photos, and not worry about or be self conscious about my teeth. And the best part about my implants is that they are permanent. I am so happy with my implants and would recommend Dr. Alaswad to everyone.”

When the decision is made to go ahead with the procedure, the dentist will take X-rays and plan for placement of your implants, which is a surgical procedure. Because of this, your mouth must completely heal after the implants are inserted, which can take a few months. During this time you may have temporary artificial teeth, which will help you to avoid embarrassment and at the same time help your gums to heal.

After your mouth has completely healed and the implants have fused to your bone to become a permanent part of your mouth, the temporary crowns or artificial teeth will replaced with permanent ones.

All on Four is one of the most exciting advances in dental implant technology because it makes dental implants available to many more people than was previously possible. If you would like to learn more, call Orangevale Dental now to set up a consultation with Dr. Alaswad.