img_lumineersFrom creating a straighter smile to covering unsightly stains, Lumineers are a simple way to improve the appearance of teeth quickly.


img_lumineers_typesFor those who have teeth that are less than perfect, Lumineers might be an option. This is a cosmetic procedure that is used instead of placing braces on the teeth. They are used to cover teeth that are stained as well as teeth that aren’t straight. There is very minimal preparation that goes into the Lumineers, and they are usually placed in about two visits. They are thinner than the traditional veneers and tend to replicate the natural look and thickness of the teeth better than veneers. After the Lumineers are placed, there is usually no sensitivity or discomfort.

Almost anyone is an ideal candidate for Lumineers. They can be placed on teeth that are chipped or cracked. Many people who have spaces between the teeth opt for Lumineers as well as those who have teeth that are not shaped properly. They are an option for those who want the perfect smile that is seen on television and in movies or those who want a look that appears less crowded. They are not recommended for those who have teeth that are severely misaligned.

The procedure for placing Lumineers is very straightforward. First, a consultation will be conducted to determine the best option for the teeth. Some people might think that Lumineers are ideal only to discover that they need braces or something a little more involved. After the decision has been made to place the Lumineers, and appointment will be made to come back to the office. There are no shots involved in the procedure as this is a minimally invasive way to give a beautiful smile. An impression of the teeth is taken so that the dentist can get a better look at what the natural teeth look like. Photos of the mouth are taken. Information is gathered about the shade desired as well as the shape that is desired. Lumineers don’t have to be placed on all of the teeth. Some people only have them placed on the top teeth. The choice is usually up to the patient. A porcelain conditioner is used to place the Lumineers on the teeth. This conditioner is placed on the back of each Lumineer. The teeth are cleaned and prepared for the Lumineers to be placed. The surface of each tooth needs to be dry. After the teeth are prepared, the Lumineers are placed. Another visit is scheduled so that the dentist can examine the teeth to make sure the Lumineers are correctly in place.