What to Expect With ZOOM! Professional Teeth Whitening

Getting your teeth professionally whitened is a popular practice for a variety of reasons—a professional is by your side the entire time, the process usually takes only an hour, and your teeth look gorgeous and bright for years after this simple treatment! With Zoom! teeth whitening from Philips, you can enjoy all the benefits of [...]

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Chronic Dry Mouth? Signs, Symptoms, Relief

Perhaps you don’t know how important saliva is for your dental health, but let’s look at its role: it protects the teeth, inhibits bacterial growth, and even helps digest food! Saliva plays a crucial role in the health of our teeth. When you have a dry mouth, bacteria can take over, plaque and tooth decay [...]

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Root Canal Retreatment: When Is It Necessary?

If you have already experienced a root canal, you no doubt are grateful for the pain relief that it gave you while also allowing you to keep your natural tooth. After all, often the only alternative to a root canal is extraction and a bridge or implant. While modern implants are better than ever, there’s [...]

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