Dental Veneers

img_veneersDental Veneers are a great way to deliver lasting results in a short amount of time.

Dental veneers are placed on the teeth to improve the appearance of the smile and mouth. They are made of a thin material that are of the same color as the other teeth. Veneers are placed on the front teeth, and the procedure is often completed in one or two office visits. They will change the size and shape of the teeth, giving a beautiful smile that one desires. The veneers are made from porcelain and will last for a long time as long as they are cared for as the other teeth. There are several issues that can be fixed by veneers including discolored teeth, those that are not aligned properly, teeth that are chipped and if there are gaps between the teeth.

There is usually a consultation appointment so that the dentist can examine the teeth and gums as well as take X-rays and pictures of the mouth. The patient will need to tell the dentist the desired result of the veneers. After the consultation, an appointment will be made for the patient to return to the office for the procedure to begin.

The dentist will remove part of the enamel on each tooth that will receive a veneer. This layer is equivalent to the thickness of the veneer so that there won’t be an awkward feeling in the mouth. An anesthetic is used before the enamel is removed. A mold of the teeth is taken so that the dentist will be able to clearly see the shape of each tooth. This is how the veneers are made. A laboratory will make the veneers and send them back to the office. This is why there might be two or three appointments involved in the process. Temporary veneers can be placed on the teeth if the teeth are severely misaligned or require immediate attention.

When the veneers are back at the office and the patient is ready for the procedure to be completed, the dentist will examine the color of the veneers so that it can be matched to the rest of the teeth. The veneers are cemented in place after the teeth are cleaned. A special light is used to set the cement used. Finally, the dentist will examine the bite and make sure the teeth are cleaned.